RAP featured in PTEN’s “Toolbox Topics” video

With the advent of J2534 standards, vehicle programming and flashing functionality have allowed technicians the ability to complete vehicle updates, sensor resets and software updates. Though it is still a relatively new technology for the automotive aftermarket, it will become increasingly prevalent in shops as vehicles continue to become more reliant on computer-based systems to operate.

In this video, Glenn Eaton, Product Manager of J2534 products at Drew Technologies, gives a brief history of J2534 and how it relates to aftermarket shops.

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RAP® featured in PTEN’s Tool Review

The Drew Technologies Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) Kit provides shop technicians the ability to complete J2534 ECU reprogramming updates and electronically-controlled parts replacements, with no start-up or equipment costs, and no specialized technician training required. Flash success is guaranteed, says the company. The RAP kit is available as a rental unit and is a pay-per-use service. As part of the agreement, shops must use the kit at least two times per month, or a small rental fee will be charged. The self-contained kit provides everything needed to program an ECU, including the remote expert…

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RAP® featured in Transtar “Dave in the Cage” video

Transtar’s resident expert, Dave Hritsko, visits his cage to introduce you to DrewTech’s Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) kit. Remote Assisted Programming allows you to program and flash a vehicle right from your shop! No additional tools, software, or expensive subscriptions requited.

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DrewTech adds Toyota/Lexus/Scion to RAP® Capabilities

• Model year 2001 and newer
• New module programming. Used and re-manufactured parts not permitted at this time
• Existing module updates
• J2534 module programming, key programming and associated configuration, setup and security functions: $125.00 each
• Module calibration check: $40.00 each


SEMA NEWs January 2017 – 2016 SEMA New Product Awards

Every year, the New Products Showcase serves as a resource for manufacturers to advertise their latest and greatest innovations. One of the top SEMA Show attraction for buyers and media alike, it’s no surprise that the number of entries this year surpassed 3,000 in 16 categories ranging from street-performance, racing and off-roading to mobile electronics, interior and exterior products.

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DrewLinQ – DrewTech’s Newest Heavy-Duty/Commercial Diagnostic Tool

DrewLinQ is a high-performance, rugged device supporting Heavy-Duty, Medium-Duty, and OBDII vehicles as well as off-highway, agricultural, military, automotive, and other industrial-stationary equipment. It supports 4 concurrent CAN (J1939/ISO15765) channels, J1708, and all of the OBDII protocols. It works with the TMC RP1210 applications you currently use, other J2534 OBDII pass-thru and diagnostic applications, and comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

LEARN MORE: http://drewtech.com/drewlinq/index.html