Drew Technologies joins Opus Group

By our 19th anniversary in July, we will have come a long way. When Drew Technologies started, it was a one person company with just Mike Drew consulting to car companies. At that time, OBD2 had just been rolled out on 1996 model year cars and a “high-speed” vehicle bus was running at 10.4 Kbps.

Over the years we have been at the forefront of many changes in vehicle technology and have played a key role in the way diagnostic products are delivered to technicians. As a company, we have carefully but consistently grown to become a global supplier of essential diagnostic tools to car companies and the aftermarket.

Just last year alone:

  • Our engineering team developed several new products including the market-leading California certified vehicle inspection tool and the Motor Magazine Top 20 winning Mongoose interface.
  • Our support team responded to over 14,000 calls without compromising the personal attention and care that gave us a #1 customer satisfaction rank in a recent ETI survey.
  • Our production team shipped over 30,000 products while maintaining industry leading quality.

Today, we begin the next chapter by joining the Opus Group. Drew Technologies believes this strategic move will help us continue to grow and expand our capabilities allowing us to broaden our markets and execute even larger programs. Opus recognized the value that Drew Technologies expertise in vehicle communications and OBD experience will bring to the group. Drew Technologies will continue to run as a separate company, preserving our focus on our existing markets and customers while providing a broad base of support for new and exciting opportunities through collaboration with Opus.

While the ownership is changing today at Drew Technologies, the team and company mission are not. Drew Technologies will continue to press forward delivering OE diagnostics solutions to car dealerships and the aftermarket. All of the Drew Technologies senior management is staying because we have a passion for what we do.

We look forward to an exciting future as part of the Opus Group.

J2534 Diagnostics Webcast with GM, Toyota, and VW

Tonight PTEN will host a webcast on diagnostics systems that support J2534. Presenters include:

Brian Herron – Drew Tech
Bob Stewart – GM
Jill Saunders – Toyota
Kurt Immekus – Volkswagen
Bob Augustine – CBAC
Skip Potter – NASTF

Over 1,000 participants have already signed up. To watch the webcast and participate in the live Q/A at the end, visit this link:



MongooseVW wins Motor Top 20 award

The MongoosePro VW from Drew Technologies was awarded the Motor Magazine Top tool 2014 award. The MongoosePro VW works with ODIS software from Volkswagen, and gives aftermarket technicians the same capabilities as dealerships including Diagnostics, Reprogramming, and locksmith functions.

DrewTech completes BAR-OIS BETA

DrewTech has finished beta testing, and is now waiting for BAR to complete the certification paperwork. I’d like to thank all of our BETA testers that did an absolutely awesome job!

For those that were not following the BETA process, we had a fantastic team of BETA stations that included a mix of of the biggest and best in the state. Since BETA started in December, they have tested over 100,000 cars with the wired and wireless versions of our IMclean DAD. Some built their own PC setup, while others used a Banalogic or ESP system that included the IMclean DAD.

While we would have loved to finish first, that was not our #1 priority. We instead took the opportunity to make sure that the product we were testing in BETA was bug free and ready for prime time. I’m extremely happy to see that we reached the end with a product that has proven successful and our team still meet the finish line within a week of the fastest DAD vendor.

If you have a DrewTech IMclean, Banalogic Kisok, or ESP solution we’re now getting ready to begin activations. Please be sure your DAD disclosure agreement was sent in.

If you are still on the fence as to which DAD device to buy, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk it thru with you.