DrewTech introduces RAP® (Remote Assisted Programming)

Drew Technologies, subsidiary of Opus Inspection, Inc., announces release of its Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) system. The RAP system consists of a self-contained hardware kit and remote service that allows any independent repair shop to update software in a car’s computer system(s) during service or when replacing parts. This system brings the same dealership capabilities to independent repair shops, while removing the burden of training and up front equipment expense.

Modern vehicles often require software updates or reprogramming during repair. In many cases, when an electronic control module (ECM), transmission, or other electronic part is replaced, new software must be installed in the car’s computer system(s). In 1998 Drew Technologies began working with the SAE and automakers to develop a standard for vehicle reprogramming (SAE J2534). Drew Technologies released the first J2534 tool in the market in 2002.  In a recent survey conducted by ETI, Drew Technologies was identified as the leader in market share and customer satisfaction for J2534 tools.

Technicians are challenged to keep up with pace with tools, training, and experience required to service all brands of vehicles. Often technicians are turning down repair jobs that require reprogramming because they aren’t equipped, or have concerns that lack of training and experience could lead to difficulties completing the repair. Drew Technologies has always offered training and support to assist technicians, but now provides a new Option with the RAP system.

The RAP system was designed as a turn-key remote solution that can be used by any technician, regardless of experience.  Drew Technologies developed a hardware kit that consists of a J2534 device, PC, internet connection, battery maintainer, Flash software for each supported automaker, and a remote interface to Drew Tech’s experts. The service includes a success guarantee, so if the reprogramming fails, Drew Technologies will take care of it. There is no up-front cost for technicians to lease the kit. A small fee is charged each time the remote service is utilized, along with a $19.95 monthly fee that is waived if the kit is used at least twice per month.

“Every day we have customers successfully reprogram cars all over the world using our J2534 tools. But the introduction of this RAP system provides access to a whole new group of technicians that need the capability to reprogram cars but don’t have the tools, training, or confidence. The RAP system will give them immediate access, a per-use fee structure, and a success guarantee.” says Brian Herron, President of Drew Technologies.

The RAP system leverages success from other Drew Technologies J2534 products and its industry leading technical support team, while incorporating over a decade’s worth of intellectual property with several patent(s) pending. The system has been in testing by repair shops and automakers since March of 2016 with hundreds of successful reprogramming events completed.

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