WIVIP Technicians introduced to RAP – Remote Assisted Programming

On Wednesday, November 9th nearly 40 technicians attended a seminar and demonstration on Flash Reprogramming. The seminar was conducted by Glen Eaton, Product Manager of Drew Technologies.

The seminar discussed the quickly changing landscape of automotive repair. The days of diagnosing and repairing vehicles without the help of a laptop beside you are fading. Newer vehicles include a large number of onboard computers that are each dedicated to perform specific tasks.

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DrewTech add Nissan/Infiniti to RAP® Capabilities

• Service is available for existing CVT module updates only. Replacement CVT modules cannot be programmed.
• Powertrain (ECM/TCM) module update for model year 2004 and newer
• Powertrain (ECM/TCM) module replacement for model year 2005 and newer
• Rear-wheel drive (RWD) valve body programming for model year 2005 and newer
• J2534 module updating, programming & RWD valve body: $125.00 each

RAP® featured in FenderBender Live video

Hugh Atkins from Drew Technologies presents it’s newest program, RAP®.

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Autobody News promotes RAP®

At the 2016 New Product Awards Breakfast at SEMA, Drew Technologies received the award for Best New Collision Repair & Refinishing Product for their Remote Assisted Programming (RAP).

Other contenders for the award included Betag’s Aluminum T-Hotbox and Bonding Solutions’ Like90 Quick Check Temporary Gloss Simulator.

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RAP® – 2017 New Product Showcase Award at SEMA 2016

Drew Technologies was an exhibitor at one of the largest automotive shows in the United States, SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. DrewTech was honored in receiving the 2017 Best New Collision Repair & Refinishing Product Award for their newest product/service: RAP® – Remote Assisted Programming.

Brian Herron, President of Drew Technologies, accepted the award, “We’ve been working toward this award for years… It’s an amazing feeling to get recognition from our industry and peers that we’re on the right path.”

The RAP® system consists of a self-contained hardware kit and remote service that allows any independent repair shop to update software in a car’s computer system(s) during service or when replacing parts. This system brings the same dealership capabilities to independent repair shops, while removing the burden of training and up front equipment expense. Drew Technologies’ RAP® system already has capabilities toward GM, Ford, and Nissan and will expand those capabilities further with other OEMs such as Toyota, Honda, and Chrysler.

Herron continues, “Every day we have customers successfully reprogram cars all over the world using our J2534 tools. But the introduction of this RAP® system provides access to a whole new group of technicians that need the capability to reprogram cars but don’t have the tools, training, or confidence. The RAP® system will give them immediate access, a per-use fee structure, and a success guarantee.”

Automotive experts stopped by the booth to see the award and talk about the new RAP® system as well as other J2534 products DrewTech provides such as the CarDAQ-Plus 2®, CarDAQ-M®, MongoosePro®, our emissions tool, IMclean®, and our newest heavy-duty commercial tool, DrewLinQ. If you missed the show or didn’t get a chance to stop by, feel free to connect with us on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) or visit our website at DrewTech.com for more information.

RAP® featured in Collision Repair Magazine

Las Vegas, Nevada — November 1, 2016 – SEMA has named the winners of the 2017 New Products Showcase Awards. According to show management, the awards are given to the most innovative and cutting-edge products hitting the market in 2017.

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Latest 9-speed transmission at ATRA Powertrain Expo – featuring RAP®

One of the great parts of attending auto service industry shows is witnessing history in the making as the most innovative, newest products hit the showroom floor.

GM made sure the 2016 ATRA Powertrain Expo followed suit with a revamped schedule for the October 27 – October 30 trade fair held at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

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